Along with our passion for quality paints, we believe in treating the environment right. Because many Benjamin Moore paints are low or zero VOC, we offer you the combined benefits of premium paint and a good conscience. Additionally, we offer a selection of Cabot stains, Zinsser primers, Old Masters and Minwax interior stains. 

Commercial Coatings

  • Ultra Spec: A professional-quality interior coating designed to meet the needs of professional painting contractors, facility managers, and property managers.
  • Super Spec: This paint produces a highly durable, washable finish with excellent hiding.
  • Corotech: Protect and enhance everyday commercial and industrial spaces with Corotech primers, enamels, urethanes, and other high-performance coatings.
  • Lenmar: Interior wood stains, floor coatings, lacquer system and specialty coatings.
  • ScuffX: a revolutionary, single-component paint which resists scuffing before it starts. 

Interior Stains

  • Old Masters
  • Minwax Stains

Zinsser Stains

  • Cover Stain
  • Oderless Oil
  • BIN Shellac
  • Mold Killing
  • Gardz & Shieldz- Repair and Wallpaper
  • Peel Stop

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Cabot Stains

Siding Stains

  • Solid Acrylic Stains - Pro V.T. Acrylic
  • Solid Oil Stains - O.V.T. Oil
  • Semi-Solid Oil Stains
  • Semi-Transparent Oil Stains
  • Transparent Acrylic Stains
  • Transparent Oil Stains - Clear Solution

Decking Stains

  • Solid Acrylic Decking Stains
  • Solid Oil Decking Stains
  • Semi-Solid Oil Decking Stains
  • Transparent Acrylic Deck & Fence Stains - S.P.F.
  • Transparent Oil Stains - Clear Solution

Specialty Products

  • Exterior Problem Solver Primer
  • Problem Solver Deck Wash

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ZAR Polyurethane

Choose ZAR® wood stain for gorgeous, uniform color and superior coverage on furniture, hardwood floors, cabinets, paneling and trim, bartops, countertops, woodwork, doors, plastic and rubber moldings, fiberglass, metal, Masonite® doors, antiques, spindles and millwork, exotic woods, crafts and more.

Available in interior and exterior.

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