Selecting Color

The thought of picking out colors for a room seems to make the hair stand up on the back of most people's neck.  It doesn't have to be a scary experience, however.  The following are just suggestions, not rules by any means.  There are many situations that call for going against these suggestions.  These are meant merely as starting points for someone inexperienced at picking colors.

If you're starting with existing carpet or furniture, this will limit your choice of colors a bit.  However, you can still choose from variations on these colors or their complements.  If you're replacing everything, you get to start from scratch with whatever colors you love.  We have so many colors to choose from that there should be no problem finding just the right ones for you. Once you know what basic colors you want to use, we will be glad to help you narrow down just the right intensity and hue.

One thing to consider when picking colors is the lighting in the room.  A general rule is: the darker the lighting in a room the lighter the wall color you should use. The converse to this is: the brighter the lighting in a room, the darker the wall color can be.

The size of the room can also play a role in helping to narrow color choices.  Try a darker or more intense color for some splash in a larger room(possibly just one or two walls). Use lighter colors in a smaller room to give it a feeling of spaciousness.

If your personality is on the subdued or conservative side, you may be naturally drawn to lighter and less intense colors.  Go with it, unless you want to step out and try a bolder statement.

If you are naturally more gregarious and edgy, you may feel that brighter and more intense colors express who you are.  By all means go for it. But don't forget that lighter and more subdued colors can be the foundation for all kinds of bright and bold accessories.

If all else fails, we have a color pallet just for you.  Our Infinity Color Deck makes selecting colors that work together very easy.  Any of the colors in this particular collection will work together so its pretty much fool-proof.

Lastly, don't be afraid to experiment and try something different.  It's paint.  You can always put on another coat.

And I know where you can get some.