Preparing a Deck for Staining

Often when staining a deck, it is necessary to clean the deck first. Follow these steps to insure proper adhesion and a more attractive appearance to your new coat of stain.

1.  Remove all furniture, etc. from the deck.

Note that steps 2 & 3 are optional depending on the state of your deck.

2. If the deck has algae, mold or mildew growing on it you should wash these areas with a bleach solution mixed according to the directions on the bleach container (protect any plants, including grass from the bleach).

3. Rinse thoroughly with plain water.

4. For a transparent or semi-transparent stain: if the deck has never been coated, or it has weathered to the point of grayness, you should use a wood bleach(different from chlorine bleach) to restore the wood to its natural color before staining.  Rinse with plain water.

5. Allow the deck to dry thoroughly (1 to 2 days).

6. Proceed with staining.